haha, hi folks. yes i found my blog right now.
so, i’m going to fill my blog step by step and give you more information about me.

who i am? who is vvs?
vvs are the initial letters of my name and i’m mainly a software author for multimedia applications and graphic designer.
in music i’m a simulator and produces my songs digitally. in my youth i have had in music 7 years private lessons and played flute and accordion.
fortunately remained for me the notes and theory of harmony. many decades later i discovered the fantastic possibilities songwriting with the computer at that time still on DOS basic. gradually prepare i mean music software ever further on around better results to obtain to be able. meanwhile i wrote 400 songs and approximately 20 – 30 songs constantly in the production status. occasionally i take myself one of it,… until i have a new melody in my head, again:)
creativity cannot be planned.

so, i’m thus no musician, i’m a composer, who tries to digitize his conception of music.
sometimes succeeds…